System Integrators: The Middle-men of Smart City Enablement

It is estimated that by the year 2020, no fewer than 600 cities around the world will have jumped on the smart city bandwagon, with smart urban mobility technology paving the way for their safety and success. And we’re already seeing a shift in this very direction. All around us, start-ups are inventing new and innovative technologies designed to ensure municipalities and their residents are in-the-know while on-the-go, everything from IoT sensors and open data collection, to multi-modal transportation, smart energy controlling streetlights, real-time parking information, weather alerts and more.

But the start-ups, the brains behind smart city innovation, can’t possibly integrate their developments alone. For one reason or another, they simply do not meet the standards imposed by advertised tenders and therefore cannot directly work with municipalities. They need help from system integrators, service-providing partners, or middle-men, who are already under contract with the cities and can leverage their existing infrastructure and technological knowledge to streamline the assimilation process and enable smart cities to run smoothly.

Practically speaking, start-ups partnering with integrators simply allow the integrator to assimilate their solutions with the infrastructure they (the integrators) already have in place throughout the city. In this way, the start-ups are able to save money on building and overseeing an implementation team, improve the overall quality of their innovation’s implementation by relying on field experts, ascertain compliance with the latest industry safety, environmental and other regulations, and better manage associated risks. Meanwhile, the integrators gain from adopting innovative new solutions, and the cities benefit from the solutions’ implementation. All in all, this partnership is a win-win-win for all!

Here are some of Israel’s top system integrators helping to transform the face of urban mobility and smart cities as well know them today:


Mer Group is all about helping to create a smarter future for the citizens of Israel. The world-leading integrator focuses its efforts on the areas of communications and security, offering its clients, including smart city start-ups, superior technology-based solutions, end-to-end services and turnkey projects that are as safe as they are smart. Projects include “Safe and Smart Cities,” complete with controlcommand centers, in the Old City of Jerusalem, Rishon Letzion and Buenos Aires, as well as a most recent partnership with Highroad Accelerator member ACiiST, a startup company that develops networking solutions for smart cities using the city’s existing infrastructure, including the conversion of existing street light systems into Urban IOT infrastructures.


Cellcom is Israel’s largest cellular communications provider, with advanced cellular infrastructure installed throughout the country. It is precisely this infrastructure that enables Cellcom to partner with smart city start-ups and embed innovative technologies in Israeli cities, with minimal effort and maximum experience. Recently, Cellcom partnered with Highroad Accelerator member Telicomm, to integrate wireless cameras that transmit data over cellular networks, throughout Israeli city streets.


Milgam Group was established in 1983 and provides advanced and comprehensive services and solutions that enable seamless and superior project management. Understanding that smart cities are more than the sum of the technologies they house, Milgam additionally serves as system integrators for a variety of start-ups, helping to manage their networks, resident interfaces, smart parking solutions, and more. The company is also responsible for the establishment of Pango, a digital public parking payment app.


Bynet Danta Communications is a leading Israeli provider of end-to-end integration solutions and services, including: cloud services, telephony, data security and cyber, enterprise video network management, data center solutions and mobility solutions. Bynet champions as an IoT integrator in the computer infrastructure field, enabling start-ups to connect their innovations in the cloud, and ensure they run seamlessly and securely.


IPI Israel was established in 1988 and has since grown to become Israel’s leading integrator of traffic solutions, specializing in Parking Equipment and Management, Traffic Surveys, Traffic Lights, Road Lightning and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. As such, IPI is exceptionally positioned to integrate leading urban mobility innovations within smart cities across the country.


YSB – the Ya’acobi Brothers Group is one of Israel’s leading integrators, specializing in the fields of construction, infrastructure and entrepreneurship. The group excels at planning, integrating, executing, servicing and maintaining complex projects and has strong ties to Israeli government and municipal organizations, making this company an ideal partner for relevant smart city start-ups.

Bottom line

When it comes to enabling smart city development, integrators and the middle-men that bridge the gap between innovative technologies and municipalities looking to transform their cities into future-forward landscapes. The above integrators are helping revolutionize smart city enablement in Israel, with partnerships and ventures taking smart city and urban mobility development to the next level.

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