Shana Tova from Highroad

It isn’t easy innovating in the midst of a global pandemic. Stakeholders are forced to remain socially distant from one another. The cash flow is tight. Uncertainty abounds. That being said, the past year has been rich and fulfilling for the Highroad team and all of our portfolio companies. Despite Covid-19’s best efforts to keep us apart, we’ve come together to create great opportunities and next-generation developments for the future of smart cities and urban mobility.

From hosting a large delegation from “IPADE Business school” in Mexico City, including some of the leading figures in the Mexican industry and being interviewed (not once, but twice!) by CTech by Calcalist, to enabling smart startups like Aura Air to receive investments allowing them to help battle the virus, and launching two successful cohorts… it’s been a wild and disruptive year.

With the Jewish New Year upon us, we look back on these months and events with fond memories, and look to the near future with hope and excitement.

We invite you to follow our website, blog, and our social media pages, to keep track of all the great things that the New Year and the Highroad team will most certainly bring.

Wishing you all a safer, happier, healthier, and smarter New Year.

Shana Tova!