RVs: How to Live During a Global Pandemic

The RV rentals boom may not revitalize the economy, but it may very well breathe new life into a global population suffering from the effects of self-isolation.

The onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic has forced entire populations around the world into isolation and economies into recession. Offices have shuttered their doors, their employees furloughed or laid off, leaving people scrambling to make ends meet, keep roofs over their heads, and put bread on the table. And while those fortunate to still be able to afford summer vacations are seizing the slow reopening of the skies to commercial flights, many simply cannot make such allowances to an already strained budget.

It would seem as though now would not be the time for extravagant rentals or purchases, but one particular industry is experiencing a remarkable sales and leasing boom – the RV (recreational vehicle) or mobile home industry.

Economical wheels are turning

When the ability to afford both housing and transportation is called into question, trading your home and car for a house on wheels seems like a financially-savvy move. You exchange those dreaded monthly mortgage or rent payments for a smaller purchase price or leasing fee and significantly cut down on living expenses due to the RV’s smaller surface space. It’s a compounded way of downsizing to make the most of your hard-earned money during these uncertain times.

Quality of life that knows no bounds

Another devastating effect of Covid-19 is the deep social isolation felt by people from all walks of life. Cut off from friends, family, cultural experiences, and international vacations, many feel thrust into the depths of despair despite knowing that social distancing is the only way to secure a healthy future and future opportunities for social engagements. RV life enables you to expand your horizons within the bounds of social distancing and stay-at-home orders. You simply take your home with you, as you travel the roads of your home country, take in new sights – even attend a drive-in performance or two! This, while ensuring a hygienic environment for you and your family.

Weelerz for smarter RV selection

Weelerz, a Highroad portfolio company, is an exciting new player in the RV scene poised to promote a more satisfactory experience for RV consumers and companies, way beyond the coronavirus pandemic era.

The company invites you to take your family & friends and head out into nature or to your favorite festival without compromising your convenience. Weelerz’s search engine will help you find the best deals out there from all the possible providers – as the company’s web app & AI-powered assistant are connected to over 50 rental companies, online travel agencies and shared economy websites from the USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and many more! The process is simple. Just enter your desired details into their easy-to-navigate search feature. You’ll be instantly directed to the best deal that meets your needs, as well as other attractive deals for keen comparison before signing on the dotted line.

Bottom line

Coronavirus may have set the breaks on many aspects of life as we knew it, but as the RV boom evidenced, and Weelerz continues to prove, you can live a great, exciting life, right now. All you need is the right vehicle to accelerate your journey.

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