Innovating for the Greater Good

Doing good? There’s an app for that!        

These days, social responsibility is a major buzzword. We wear masks to protect others against a virus that could be dangerous to their health. We park inside the lines, so that others can safely stop their cars, to pop into the store for that last-minute loaf of bread. We throw our snack wrappers in garbage cans, so others can enjoy a clean playground, just like our kids did. And we volunteer with those less fortunate than ourselves, to help others feel the love that every human being deserves.

Plainly put, social responsibility refers to actions that benefit society as a whole, rather than just the individual taking part in its execution. In recent years, it has become increasingly more important for businesses to promote social responsibility as well, particularly since its importance to investors and consumers has surged. 

Even prior to its inception, Israel has been a champion of social responsibility. The Aramaic phrase, “Kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh,” espouses the value that we, as a nation and as a people, are all responsible for one another. As such, it comes as no surprise that the “Startup Nation” would lead the world in social responsibility innovations; apps, platforms, and initiatives designed to promote the greater good. Over the years, we have served as a “light unto the nations,” inspiring the development of many social responsibility innovations across the globe. 

Let’s uncover some of the breakthrough apps that are making the world a better place, across industries and on an international scale.

Sustainable fashion

There are many apps and platforms that empower consumers to dress more sustainably. Good on You is an app that grants you an inside look at how your favorite brands feel – and act – about issues close to your heart, so you can decide whether they’re a brand worth supporting. Good Human pre-vets over 650 brands to let you know which you can trust to be sustainable and ethical, and how much their goods cost (plus, they provide coupon codes). thredUP is known as the world’s largest fashion resale app, which offers you the ability to shop for or sell your own pre-owned clothing. And apps like LeTote and Rent the Runway allow you to rent stunning pieces of clothing, so you can enjoy great looks, without overstuffing your closet.

Crowdfunding & charity raising

Raising funds for a good cause has long been in practice, but with crowdfunding and charity apps, goals can be achieved far faster, easier, and with far greater reach. Apps like Charidy, GoFundMe, Fundly, and GiveChak allow funds to be donated to particular charities, innovations, and causes, in seconds. Featuring the story behind the ask, these highly-secure apps take causes to social channels and messaging apps, so that word can be spread and funds raised, in a timely manner. Other charity apps, like TenGav, allow donors to choose a cause as a gift to someone else and have quickly become an alternative to sending flowers or a bottle of wine, ahead of holiday meal invitations, or in honor of special birthdays, and other occasions.

Eco-friendly living

There are quite a few apps geared towards helping regular people reduce their carbon footprints through easy, everyday actions. For example, Oroeco is an application that allows you to calculate your daily carbon footprint based on the activities you engage in, including your electricity and transportation usage. It suggests personalized tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint, taking your necessities into account and without overhauling your entire daily life. Earth Hero and Klima offer similar solutions. Another app that suggests ways for you to live a greener lifestyle is Refresh Go Green. This app provides 52 tips for transforming your home, diet, health, and other lifestyle habits into more sustainable, greener places and practices. And Joro helps you understand the impact of your actions on the environment, so you can feel the change you ultimately become.

Connecting in solidarity

One of the beautiful things about the digital revolution is the singular person’s newfound ability to “think globally, act locally.” Apps such as JoinIn have been developed to put different people into contact, so that they can collaborate on projects important to them, on their own time. Volunteer Match connects you with nonprofit organizations with which you can volunteer, based on your interests, skills, location, and the time you have set aside for volunteering. GiveGab transforms the volunteer experience into a highly social affair, leveraging our love for social media with contributing to society. And Highroad Launchpad portfolio company Vee is an intuitive, fast, and efficient management platform, that helps organizations find the right volunteer opportunities for their available staff, with the click of a button.

Bottom line

Engaging in social responsibility has become an innovative venture, allowing people around the world to make an impact and create a more promising future, in the here-and-now. If you have a social responsibility innovation in the pipeline and are looking for a little help taking it to the next level, we’d love to help. Talk to us about joining Highroad’s Launchpad as one of our portfolio companies, today!


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