Highroad.Show Highlights a Promising Future for Urban Tech Innovation

Last Monday, 9 portfolio companies, investors and key players from the urban tech industry attended the Highroad.Show, a showcase of the Highroad Launchpad’s most recent realization of the future of urban tech innovation, from conception, through implementation. The exciting event presented the Launchpad’s very promising portfolio companies and highlighted innovations in the fields of Transportation, Drones, Traffic Management, EV, Communication, ConstructionTech, Infrastructure, Smart Homes, and more. These included Powhere, Aura Air, Civdrone, EVCO, Slyde, RoadSense, ITC – Intelligent Traffic Control, ACiiST, and Telicomm.

The event additionally featured keynote speaker Dr. Shai Harel, who presented his insights regarding investment decisions and busted some common myths regarding investments, investors, decision making and success. Eyal Hoffman, Highroad’s CEO, shared some information about what Highroad has done so far and also revealed some inside information about Highroad’s future plans.

The Highroad.Show signified the end to the Launchpad’s second 12-week cohort. A new cohort focused on launching up to 5 early-stage start-ups from a variety of urban tech verticals towards initial success will soon begin.

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