Highroad Innovation Center Gears up for Muni Expo 2019

Discover a world of innovation at Booth 51

Next week (February 27th-28th, 2019), Israel’s Union of Local Authorities will be hosting its annual urban innovation exposition, known as Muni Expo. Over the course of two days, 8,000 potential clients and decision makers will flock to the booths and demonstrations of 170 Israeli and international exhibitors and suppliers, in search of the next-generation of products & services and forging partnerships with leaders in smart city planning and development.

Ever the innovation home for startups and entrepreneurship in the fields of smart cities and smart transportation, Highroad Innovation Center has seized this exciting networking opportunity and will be exhibiting at Muni Expo. Slated to be presented by Highroad at the expo’s Booth 51 are four of Highroad’s most promising ventures, three of which are part of the organization’s exciting accelerator program. Culled from a list of hundreds of applicants, these start-ups are poised to change the experience of city living for the better, with Highroad’s investment, mentorship, and access to prime resources paving the way.

Here is an overview of the four startups Highroad will be showcasing at the upcoming Muni Expo 2019.


Telicomm seeks to resolve the connectivity bottleneck caused by the proliferation of video cameras in urban areas by developing a wireless connectivity solution for mass video cameras in the smart city, enterprise, and home markets. The company’s solution enables wireless connectivity based on cellular or WiFi infrastructures via a x10 channel capacity enhancement compared to current wireless solutions.

Telicomm’s system uses video and communication processing with a patent-pending, space-time stochastic approach and cyber protection. The video stream is tuned to fit the limited and variable channel bandwidth, and communications resources are optimized for the video requirements alongside real-time network management.

The company’s solution is designed to provide full robustness, reliability, and coverage for a large number of cameras, enabling fast, simple and flexible deployment with no need for line-of-sight – and cost savings of up to 70% for end customers and operators.


Seeking to keep children safe on their way to and from, as well as in schools, Slyde is taking transportation management to the next digital level. The startup has developed an online and mobile platform that uses real-time data from multiple sources to let parents and students know exactly when the school bus will arrive, when unexpected incidents occur, or when a student does not show up for school.

Slyde additionally offers a variety of solutions for maximizing and managing transportation-related expenses, enabling the modification and shortening of routes – automatically and in real-time, to remove unnecessary stops, optimize the pick-up order, and station bus stops most efficiently. Slyde also cuts idling time by letting drivers know if they have to wait for students running late.

In essence, Slyde is more than a transportation management system, it is an innovative ecosystem focused on improving child safety by enabling the identification and notification of any anomaly or deviation from routine practices related to traveling to and from school.


ACiiST is a startup company that develops networking solutions for smart cities using the city’s existing infrastructure. One particularly exciting avenue is the startup’s conversion of existing street light systems into Urban IOT infrastructures. This enables the simple installation of cameras, WiFi, sensors and other IOT devices and their integration with secure high-performing networks, wherever they may be needed, without risking the disruption costs typically associated with similar infrastructure adoption programs.

The company’s MetropoLAN technology is a high-availability, cyber-secure network architecture that requires minimal installation at a significantly lower cost, making it ideal for large metropolitan deployment, high-security and performance and maximum end-user satisfaction.


Seeking to tackle the ominous indoor air pollution challenge, Aura Air has developed the world’s smartest air purification system, one that cleanses and disinfects indoor air while meticulously monitoring its quality, in real-time. Unlike a traditional air purifier, that simply shifts air within a space, while attempting to eliminate dust and other contaminants from the vicinity, Aura Air acts like a security camera for any area’s indoor air quality, making sure that the air is safe and clean – and performing a unique five-stage purification process whenever a pollutant is detected.

Aura Air takes the guesswork out of indoor air quality, by engaging in multiplay detection, purification and prediction activities, while also keeping its end users in-the-know about the air quality in their immediate outdoor surroundings. Aura Air pre-filters out large particles and uses UV LEDs to destroy and burn contaminants and dispose of various pollutants so that they can be absorbed by the Ray Filter, which operates in three distinct, complementary stages, to ensure every last pollutant is vacated from your space, Then, the sterionizer uses a corona discharge system to generate oxygen molecules that cluster around harmful particles, the NEW generation of air purification technology at its best.

Join Highroad at Muni Expo 2019 

Highroad will be exhibiting at Muni Expo 2019 on February 27th and 28th, 2019. Join us at Booth 51 and discover a world of innovation that will make the future of smart cities.
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