Flexity: Innovating Employee Happiness through In-office & Online Wellness Activities

With fast, flexible thinking, and a boost from Highroad’s Launchpad, Flexity is bringing wellness to company workers at the most opportune time.

Looking to find activities that promote health, wellness, and satisfaction within your workplace? Look no further. Flexity, an Israeli startup, and Highroad Launchpad portfolio company, is on a mission to provide businesses with just that via their easy-to-use and dynamically changing software platform.            

Flexity was designed to offer companies a variety of courses and workshops, which they could flexibly select and host frontally, for all their employees to enjoy. With the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, the startup was forced to further demonstrate just how flexible it truly is, shifting gears to offer companies virtual sessions with trainers and other wellness industry professionals as well. 

As many employees across many industries across the globe suddenly found themselves working from home in less-than-inspiring environments and under frustrating circumstances, the opportunity seized by the Flexity team to go digital with their service packages proved to be mutually beneficial to the company and its customers. Those working from home were able to channel their energies towards productive work and the creation of a remote community, while the startup was able to scale its offering and reach more and more diverse audiences. At present, the Flexity database contains hundreds of trainers in the Greater Tel Aviv area alone!  

The man with the flexible plan

Behind Flexity’s innovative concept is Omri Elad. Just 32 years old, Elad, a certified personal trainer, already has a rich and extensive professional background in CRM system development and a deep affinity for the fitness and wellness industries. When it came to co-founding Flexity in 2018 together with Noa Zaidel Shtain, Alon Kesteher, and Itai Martsiano, he was an instrumental force in combining the seemingly disparate tech and wellness worlds – and the ideal to fill the shoes of the new company’s CEO. 

Everything you need to promote wellness on a corporate scale

According to Elad, “The platform we set up for Flexity is a SaaS (Software as a Service) web platform that is also compatible with mobile devices. It is capable of interfacing with any platform that the companies work with, especially their social services and human resource departments. For companies, it serves as a one-stop-shop” that they can use to locate and book activities that meet their companies’ wellness needs. Most of the other solutions already on the market meet the needs of most of a company’s staff, but Flexity makes a point of reaching each and every company employee, and promoting their happiness to elicit maximum satisfaction.”

Elad continues to explain that, “Flexity enables the content creator to enjoy a platform (literally and figuratively) that simply connects them to the various companies. This has become even more important in light of the recent recession and spike in unemployment. Flexity is able to enable these talented content creators to benefit from greater exposure, and new sources of revenue, even in trying times.”

As a platform that makes it easy for companies and content creators to find each other, Flexity additionally attends to the needs of the third party in the in-office and online wellness activity relationship: the company’s employees. Elad shares that “Our platform enables employees to register for any activity their employer has signed up for, in either online or frontal format. In addition, employees can review the activities they participate in, share their reviews with colleagues, and “teach” our artificial intelligence-driven platform to better match content to each employee for a superior work-home balance.” The Flexity system also includes pre-recorded (VOD) activities, allowing employees and their family members to view content suited to their wellness needs, at times most convenient to them. 

Accelerating Flexity’s success

Flexity recently joined Highroad Launchpad’s latest cohort. Specializing in urban tech, Highroad Launchpad is currently supporting Flexity’s endeavors with a suite of advanced technological solutions, as well as business and financial support from industry-leading mentors. 

According to Elad, “We are learning so much, and are adapting ourselves and our offering, as needed. This year, without any sales agents, we have supplied activities to employees at companies around the world, leading Flexity to experience an 86% growth.”

In this short period of time, Flexity has successfully partnered with tens of companies – small and large – including PwC, WeWork, monday.com, Radware, RedHat, Wix, 888, Lemonade, bizzabo, and others. This, while ensuring the platform seamlessly suits companies in the European and American markets, to which the startup markets its services as well.

What’s next?

Next up for the Flexity team is the creation of personalization for each of its company-customers’ workers, using advanced technology and the expertise of global cognitive psychologists. “Doing so will enable us to expand internationally and supply the ideal work-life balance to each and every person in a given company, by understanding their dynamic needs. Only a system that knows to match content and activities to each person (and not vice versa) will be able to achieve this goal,” Elad concludes.

Wishing Omri Elad and the entire Flexity team best of luck, and greater wellness and satisfaction on the job to workers around the world.