Enabling Real Smart Cities

The smart city is a huge, growing market, expected to reap investments topping $1.5 trillion by 2021. And yet, current IoT infrastructure is largely inefficient. To run smart devices in the streets and analyze generated data to draw “smart conclusions,” continuous, real-time internet and electrical connectivity must be enabled, and as seamless and affordable as can be. This is particularly challenging, as network and electricity costs presently amount to 90 percent of existing solutions’ bills.
It’s a catch-22.
To enable smart cities, you need to invest in innovative infrastructure, which costs money, tend to disrupt the course of regular city life, can be unreliable and is often held up by bureaucracy. But if all this money is spent on running the infrastructure, and bureaucracy finds itself impeding optimization, cities worldwide cannot possibly achieve the affordable, reliable, secure, high-performance, data infrastructure to enable rich content and critical ‘things’ such as cameras, sensors, signs, emergency systems they seek.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Introducing ACiiST, the only practical smart city edge network

ACiiST Smart Networks is a startup company that develops networking solutions for smart cities using the city’s existing infrastructure. With multiple installations already up and running in Israel, and many more in the pipeline for the near future, their distributed switching technology, and management system is taking full advantage of available resources, to enable a smart solution that is high-performing, secure, reliable, deployable and serviceable, 24/7, in real-time.  

How ACiiST works

ACiiST taps into the city’s existing infrastructure to connect IoT devices, like smart lights, CCTV cameras, sensors, air and weather measurement devices and wireless internet connectivity to everyday urban operations and happenings. The start-up’s two main offerings include:

  1. MetropoLAN a high-availability, cyber-secure distributed network architecture that requires minimal installation at a significantly lower cost,  making it ideal for large metropolitan deployment, high-security and performance, and maximum end-user satisfaction.
  2. Polarity, a suite of micro-network switches and Smart-Light-Pole controllers that upgrade existing city’s lamp-posts into Smart-Poles and broadband IOT assets. This product minimizes cabling and eliminates the need for switches and patch boxes, making them ideal for outdoor deployments. Adhering Polarity to every lamp-post in a city leverages existing infrastructure while transforming said lamp-posts into instant IoT assets with continuous with broadband and electrical connectivity. This enables the simple installation of cameras, WiFi, sensors and other IoT devices and their integration with secure high performing networks, wherever they may be needed, without risking the disruption costs typically associated with similar infrastructure adoption programs.

ACiiST in the Media

Networking experts with a proven record of excellent execution

ACiiST’s installations and partners confirm: the start-up’s products come together to create the only successful, reliable, smart city edge network on the market. Competing network paradigms simply don’t stack when it comes to the significant benefits ACiiST brings to the modern urban network. These benefits include transforming existing infrastructure into smart city utilities that are non-disruptive and are easy to install, scale and maintain, reduced RF pollution, improved security, high reliability, and best-in-class redundancy.
This is because the results speak for themselves. Following a successful pilot project in Herzliya, where a park was outfitted cameras, WiFi, audio and smart lights with no impact to the surrounding greenery, and the installation of IoT infrastructure along Tel Aviv’s bustling Ayalon Highway without impacting traffic whatsoever, the start-up is more than ready to expand within Israel and abroad. And they already have. Projects have been installed in Rishon Letzion and Haifa, and a Modiin installation has been proposed.
ACiiST continues to be acknowledged by Israeli industry professionals and global news outlets alike. The start-up won first prize in Ayalon Highway’s “Adaopt The Ways” competition, in cooperation with EcoMotion Israel and has been hailed as a promising new venture by Forbes Magazine. They continue to raise seed funds.
Join ACiiST in enabling your city to become a smart city. With your investment, today’s connected things can become tomorrow’s smart systems and the future’s autonomous urban environment.
For more information, visit www.aciist.com.